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Free keyboard tool for easy remapping

Key Remapper is a free keyboard utility program developed by ATNSOFT. This app lets you reassign keys, mouse buttons, and mouse wheel actions to other keys. The name of the app sounds pretty straightforward with its name, but it surprisingly possesses cool features that make it a powerful little tool you can definitely benefit from. It’s a highly flexible application that can help you out if you need to remap your keyboard and mouse actions.

Multi-purpose device

Despite how it looks, your keyboard comes with tons of key combinations that help you input convenient command shortcuts. The variety in combinations makes a working keyboard one of the most important parts of a computer. Even if you lose your mouse, your keyboard can still flit around the screen and allow you to keep working.

However, like any device, there will come a time when your keyboard will have issues. Its keys can stop responding, or it won't allow you to change key controls during a game. When this happens, replacing it with a new one is not the only solution. You can try using a key remapping tool like Key Remapper. 

Take control

One of the best perks of using remappers, like Key Remapper, is that you don’t have to save these reassignments to the computer system. With this, it’s much easier to revert to your original settings whenever you want. 

Like other similar programs, Key Remapper allows you to disable and remap keys—and even your mouse actions—to other keys and mouse parts. Some keys may not be existing on some of your input devices, but this program still lets you configure their actions. Key Remapper also lets you swap two keys of their functions, like the middle mouse button with the left Shift key. It’s even possible to emulate mouse and key presses with this program. 

Key Remapper’s best feature is its ability to restrict your remapped and disabled keys to specific programs, and even specific windows. This lets you use these exclusively to whichever program you want.

Versatile features

Key Remapper has strong competition when it comes to configuring keyboard and mouse input. However, its low cost and features give it an edge for any user who needs these convenient functions. Unlike most keyboard software, this one doesn’t overwrite your system with its changes and doesn’t even need your computer to restart to apply your choices. You can quickly jump into it and revert everything with ease, so this is definitely a good recommendation.

Remap keys and mouse buttons.

Key Remapper allows you to block and remap keys, mouse buttons and mouse wheel actions to other keys, mouse buttons and the mouse wheel rotation and combinations of the above actions with modifiers. It also makes it possible to emulate double mouse button clicks or double key presses and allows you to set the necessary interval between presses. Remapping and blocking options can be restricted to specific programs or windows.

It also makes it possible to emulate double mouse button clicks or double key presses and allows you to set the necessary interval between presses. Remapping and blocking options can be restricted to specific programs or windows.


  • Disables and remaps keyboard and mouse
  • Can emulate double mouse and double key clicks
  • No need to reboot to apply changes
  • Doesn’t overwrite the registry


  • No drag-and-drop function
  • No overall revert button

Older versions

Key Remapper for PC

  • Trial version
  • In English
  • V
  • 3.6
  • (63)
  • Security Status

User reviews about Key Remapper

  • Yuno.

    by Yuno.

    ok so i have this problem after the trial ran out it is still remapping my key so i cant use my left control help me

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    After Windows 10 1 year anniversary updates (other something past updates), this tool is not work in my computer.
    I was mo More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Most Amazing Thing To Happen To Computers! (For Me At least).
    So my Escape key has been broken for about a year now, I am on a gaming computer, More


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